"Give and it shall be given unto you"

-Luke 6:38


Please send donations to [email protected] along with a notification email indicating the password used.

By Mail

Cheques payable to Devon United Church can be mailed to us at:
Devon United Church
2 St. Clair Street
Devon AB T9G 1J3

PAR (Pre-Authorized Remittance)

Pre-Authorized Remittance or PAR is a "direct debit" program that allows you to support our church through an automatic monthly withdrawal from your bank account. Please contact our church office to get set up.

Offering Envelopes

You may wish to request offering envelopes  that you can use to put your offering in during the worship service. Offering envelopes help to ensure that your tax receipt will include all of your offerings.

Tax Receipts

All offerings are eligible for a tax receipt. Tax receipts are issued for the total of offerings received in the year and generally mailed to donors at the end of January of the following year.