What Makes Us Protestant: Teachings That Matter

What Makes Us Protestant: Teachings That Matter

“October 31, 2017 marks the 500th anniversary of the Protestant Reformation, an important date in the history of the church.  To commemorate the occasion, The United Church is publishing a series of blog posts by Trisha Elliot on “What Make Us Protestant”.

—quoted from www.united-church.ca.

We will include excerpts from the blog over the next few weeks.  Here’s the first installment.  

What Makes Us Protestant: Teachings That Matter

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“The Protestant Reformation is arguably the most significant event in Western history. Still, a lot of water has passed under the bridge in the roughly 500 years since.  So why should we care? Here are four Reformation teachings that still matter:  

God is bigger than we are. The reformers emphasized God’s grace, teaching that grace isn’t something we can control or mete out for the right amount of cash or with the requisite religious or political standing. At great personal risk, the reformers helped us to see the vastness of God, a God beyond the power of human institutions and political constructions. Theirs is an important witness today to continue to name those situations in which we see God   being co-opted by the powers that be. How do you see God being co-opted or limited today?”  - By Trisha Elliot  (to be continued next week)  

Full Article can be found at http://www.united-church.ca/blogs/round-table/what-makes-us-protestant-teachings-matter

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