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“Our Mission and Service is hope and love in action. Just as Jesus called his followers to a way of compassion and transformation in his time, as Jesus’ followers today, we too are called to the same mission. By making Mission and Service
a part of our giving, we are each answering God’s call for us to mend the world.

If you gave to Mission and Service last year, thank you. Your giving made a difference in people’s lives. We invite you to please give again now. Take a moment to imagine how much can be done with your generous gift.

If you did not give to Mission and Service last year, please start right now. Make this the year you make giving to Mission and Service a regular part of your life of faith.”*

Here at Devon United Church, our pledge to M&S for 2019 is $8,500, at the half way point of the year, we are just over half way there. Thank you for your generous support!

          M&S-Envelopes                  $300.00
          M&S-PAR                        $3,132.00
          M&S-Mail-In Offerings         $175.00
          M&S-Discovery Place          $415.00
          M&S-Mission Bears             $361.02

Here are some of the United Church of Canada Mission and Service initiatives:
“18% of M&S supports 79 global partners on urgent issues that impact people’s daily lives, including food, water, health, education and human rights initiatives.
19% of M&S support ministries that heal, advocate, and provide housing, employment training, mental health treatment, and pastoral care to Canadians living on the margins.
18% of M&S support programs that strengthen discipleship and develop active lay leadership. This includes United Church camps, youth and young adult programming, as well as UCW gatherings.”*