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43rd General Council and Festival of Faith July 21—July 27, 2018, Oshawa ON

Moderator Nominees

“The next Moderator of The United Church of Canada will be elected from among the Commissioners of the 43rd General Council.

All nominees were asked to submit a biographical statement (max. 500 words) and a personal statement about the major issues they see facing the United Church (500–1000 words) . Please visit this link to read these valuable statements: . Nominees are listed below in alphabetical order:

Rev. Susan Beaver

Tessa Blaikie Whitecloud

Rev. Dr. Richart Bott

Rev. David Hart

Rev Cathy Larmond

Rev. Dr. Catherine Faith MacLean

Dr. Colin Phillips

Rev. Wanda Stride

Rev. Dr. Martha ter Kuile

Rev. Donalee Williams

Ask the Nominees

Each week leading up to GC43, we are asking the Moderator Nominees one question to help everyone get to know them.
Week 1: What scripture do you find yourself turning to again and again?
Week 2: Why is Mission & Service important to you?
Week 3: Do you prefer fiction or non-fiction reading? And what book have you read in the past year that you strongly recommend? (Take a look—a great summer reading list!)
Week 4: What talent or characteristic do you have that most people may not know about?
Week 5: What movie (or Netflix or TV series) are you most looking forward to watching, or have you enjoyed most recently, and why?
Week 6: A newcomer wants to know which one place in Canada they must visit. (Other than where you live), what do you recommend, and why?
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