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4 days and counting
the Opening of the 43rd General Council
of The United Church of Canada
on July 22, 2018

Why pay attention to this particular United Church of Canada event?

Top three reasons:
1. The most far-reaching decisions since the formation of The United Church of Canada in 1925 will be considered by this General Council. What will it mean for us?

2. This is a pivotal time in our Christian faith. How will The United Church of Canada approach the opportunity and the challenge? What role can we play? What role should we play?

3. The United Church of Canada will offer three livestreamed worship services to people throughout Canada and around the world. Imagine being connected with a world-wide community - singing, praying and sharing communion together!

Want to know more?

A good place to start is by visiting: which provides extensive videos, diagrams and discussions about the various issues that will be discussed during the meeting.

Stay tuned, tomorrow — What’s at Stake?

The most fundamental issues are mission and identity.
How is God calling us to live out our faith, today and into the future? How can we best prepare ourselves to do this?