“In life, in death, in life beyond death,
God is with us. We are not alone.
Thanks be to God.”
- from A New Creed.

Death makes us feel vulnerable. We need to experience God’s love, expressed through our family, friends and neighbours. That is why we ask the church to help us mourn the loss of our loved one and to celebrate her or his life.

A funeral or memorial service gives us the opportunity to gather with others who are grieving and with people who will support us in the difficult days to come.

Honouring the life of a person who has been dear to us is an important early step in the process of grieving.

Some practical steps in arranging funerals -

- call the church office at 780-987-3714 to arrange for a visit with the minister, and to set a date and time for the service;
- if you want to use the services of a funeral director, phone and visit local funeral homes to choose one. The church office can provide the names of local funeral homes. Costs may vary;
- meet with the Minister to plan the service;
- remember that the Minister is available to give you and your family on-going care and support after the funeral.

The fee for a funeral or memorial service is:

$625.00 (if you choose a Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday or Friday, this fee secures the services of the minister, the use of the church, and cleaning services)


$660.00 (if you choose a Saturday, Sunday or Monday, this fee secures the services of the minister, the use of the church, and cleaning services.)

If you need the services of our organist/pianist (optional), there is an additional fee of:

Our minister is available to conduct funerals at off-site locations of your choosing.  The fee for an off-site funeral is:

$650 plus mileage* (this fee secures the services of the minister and an administration fee).

(*there may be an additional fee for mileage for the minister to travel to your location, the mileage rate is based on current United Church of Canada rates.)

With the exception of the organist's fee, cheques should be made payable to – Devon United Church.

The church seats 150 people on the main floor and another 35-40 people in the loft. We are not set up to serve refreshments after the service but can suggest suitable local facilities.


For more information or assistance, please contact our minister, Rev. Dirk Jessen at 780-667-5768.