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“Your praise rises in us like a great river. God of all things, Creator,  Provider, pour out your Spirit upon  the whole earth and make it your new creation.  Gather your church together from the ends of the earth, into your realm where peace and justice  are revealed.”            - author unknown  

Shannon’s Story  

What is it about this Devon United Church that keeps me coming back?   That may sound like a complex question but the answer, for me, is simple. It lies in the  heart of this church. It is the people and minister that continue to call me to return here.  

In all my years of church going this is the church that truly "walks the talk". I feel that this church really tries to live the message that God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit wanted us to interpret from his teachings. 

In the church bulletin one Sunday,  there was a paragraph that I have kept in my drawer. I will often pull it out and read it, mostly because it makes me feel good. I  remind myself of God and what life is all about, what is really important:  

"Jesus announced the coming of God's reign, a commonwealth, not a dominion. A reign of peace, justice and reconciliation. He healed the sick and fed the hungry. He forgave sins and freed those captive by all manner of illness. (Yes, miracles can and do happen). He crossed barriers of race, class, culture and gender. He preached and practiced unconditional love - love of God, friend and enemy. He commanded his followers to love one another as he had loved them."  

We must care for and support each other.  Here at this Devon United Church I have found those that try mightily to follow this ideal. We open our church to the community, welcome those that want to come in, care for our congregation, community and world in numerous ways and help the best we can. The comradery & love from this congregation and minister keep me returning.           —Shannon Taylor   If you already give to Devon United Church, thank you!  If you have not given to Devon United Church, please join us and make giving to Devon United Church, a regular part of your faith journey.  Your support offers hope in a broken world.  

Your donation means hope - 

For a young mother with three children who suddenly finds herself unemployed:  our minister listens  compassionately to her story, offering counsel and sympathy.  After finding out that she desperately needs food and clothing, she is given access to clothing through Devon United Church’s UCW Thrift Shop and she is offered gift cards for much needed essentials - food, milk, etc.      

Your donation means joy -

For a senior is Devon’s Discovery Place, no longer able to come to worship services after a life time of attending every Sunday:  a visit from our minister brings a smile, and a monthly communion service for all residents means they are not forgotten.     

Your donation means . . . everything!  

Grateful, Thankful, Blessed  

United In Spirit