Rev. Dirk Jessen
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Holy Week begins on the final Sunday of the season of Lent on what is known as “Palm Sunday.”

It is such an important week in the church year that we remember stories about the last week of Jesus life in special worship services on what are known as Maundy Thursday and Good Friday.

During his last week there were wonderful moments like a final meal Jesus shared with his closest friends. But Jesus had made enemies of many with power in his place and time. These authorities illegally arrested him, and in a few short hours found him guilty on trumped up charges, publically humiliated him, and then executed him.

They thought that this would silence him as it had others before him. In Holy Week, we remember even these profoundly difficult stories.

Then on Easter Sunday, we remember the story of how God raised Jesus from death into a new kind of life.  We remember how Jesus' followers were transformed - from being distressed and defeated - to joyful, and newly empowered!  - Rev. Dirk