Rev. Dirk Jessen
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Easter is the most important Holy Day in the Christian faith. At Easter we remember the story of Jesus’ resurrection. Resurrection was part of an ancient Jewish belief that God will at some point renew, complete and perfect the world, people included, even people who had died.

Those who saw Jesus after his death were convinced that he was the first sign of that renewed creation. These earliest witnesses got together regularly to sing and pray, to read scripture, to care for each other in practical ways and extended that same concern also to those outside their immediate group. This is how they celebrated that experience and to shape their lives according to Jesus’ example and teachings. And, they told and retold the story of Jesus.

We are heirs to both that story and the example set by those faith-filled people so many centuries ago. Still today this season is intended to be one of celebration and renewed hope. For us in the northern hemisphere, Easter coincides with spring and adds a sense of new life and optimism. Even nature seems to be optimistic at this time of year!