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God’s Purpose, God’s Promise

Sunday, November 25, 2018  is  a significant one for Devon United Church in a number of ways. On this Reign of Christ Sunday, we look back at the conclusion of another church year. And, we also look forward, which is in the very name: “Reign of Christ.” Scriptures from the prophet Isaiah and the New Testament letter called Revelation both offer a vision of our world transformed into what God has always had in mind—“on earth as it is in heaven” as we pray every week.

I came across a commentary that talked  about how the vision that God gave Isaiah reflects how we are invited to “delight in God’s person and engage in God’s purpose.” For me, this combined delight and purpose is shown in Jesus. It is also an inviting perspective  for us as we begin the “Next 1100 Days” campaign that Shannon Taylor introduced last week.

“God’s person” has a number of different meanings. One is the true nature of God, a second is Jesus
as a reflection of God, and a third is of each of us as a reflection of Jesus, and therefore of God!
Finding something like delight in God, in Jesus, in ourselves and in others is, for me, a wonderful, lifelong enterprise!

“Engaging in God’s purpose,” is closely related to both the process and the result of getting to know God better. We remember that Jesus, who, as Christians we believe reflected God more completely than anyone else, lived an active life. He learned, he listened, he spoke, he acted in ways that showed both delight and purpose.

Our aim through the Next 1100 Days is to also find God’s delight and to, in response,  engage our purpose as God’s people in each others’ lives. Our journey begins! - Rev. Dirk

For full details, click on the downloadable file below to view our "1100 Days" brochure.  Printed copies are also available at the church.  We hope you will follow our progress and if you have any questions, comments, ideas, please be in touch.  Regular updates will be available.