Let's Talk

Let’s Talk About Worship

At Devon United Church, we believe that our worship services are of great importance.  We believe that when we gather together to remember and reconnect with God, we feel our inner lives and spirits renewed and strengthened.  As our spirits are cared for, we find that our minds and our bodies also benefit.  Science has proven this!
When we gather to worship as a faith community that follows Jesus, we sing, we pray, we hear scripture, we take part in rituals, we think about what we learn and experience, and it makes a difference in our daily lives.  The different parts of worship can vary greatly among different Christian traditions.  In our own tradition, we have much freedom to determine, for ourselves, the parts that nourish us best, in our time and place.
Our church board and committees have been busy over the past few months, in learning about and developing an action plan for the future sustainability of our church, more of which you will hear about shortly, but first it is important to touch base with each other, to find out what nourishes us. We want to be well fed as we begin the next part of our journey as a congregation!
We’d like to start with worship because our worship time together is so important! So let’s talk about it, together. On Sunday October 28, 2018, I hope you will join in the first of what will become regular opportunities for congregational conversation.  Please refer to the flyer you received this morning for more details.  And if you are not able to be there, please take a moment to consider the questions on the flyer and write your responses down on the back of the sheet and put it in the Suggestion Box by the office or give it directly to either Rayona or me. Please know that my door is always open, so feel free to drop in and have a chat, that works too! - Rev. Dirk