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So you’ve got a good job, your life is great, everything is going along as you planned it, all is good and you may think “Why do I need the church?” But then something happens, and you don’t know where to turn ...  

In recent years, many have turned to us at Devon United Church in their hour of need.  Your donations have allowed us to help almost 40 individuals, 46% of whom were children (in 15 households). 

 ♦ 3 households facing unemployment      

 ♦ 1 household fleeing domestic violence  

 ♦ 2 households facing medical emergencies  

 ♦  1 household facing homelessness   

Love in Action — One Man’s Story  

The UCW meeting was in full swing on a cold and bright winter Wednesday - lively conversation, good food and good company.   We had just finished the devotion when a man came into the front doors of the church.  Looking cold and tired, he asked if he could talk to the minister.  

All heads turned to me.  After introducing ourselves, we went to my office.  As he warmed up and I listened to his story,  I realized he had spent the night outside without mittens, without a toque.  He had been locked out of his home, and his identification and wallet, as well as his warm clothes, were not accessible  to him.  He hadn’t eaten for at least a whole day.  

After talking for a while, I was able to get in touch with FCSS through the Town of Devon to make some arrangements for a place to stay if he needed it, and to help him to get his life back in order as soon as possible.  Then we went into the Thrift Shop and he had an opportunity to get a toque and some gloves, which he gladly accepted.   

Then we went to lunch — he chose A&W.  Though he must have been pretty hungry, all he wanted was a cheeseburger.  Afterwards, he exclaimed that it was the best burger he’d  ever eaten.  We drove back to the church and before we parted company, I gave him a gift card so he could have some food to take along to a friend’s place where he would be spending that evening.  

A couple of weeks later he came back to say thank you for the help he had received.  And I asked him, “So, how did you know to come to the church?”, and he said “Well, I remembered from my cousins and my aunts back East, that whenever they needed help or were in a difficult situation they knew they could turn to a church.  So, I came to St. Clair Street with all its churches and yours was the one with the open door.  Thanks again so much!”                            – Rev. Dirk Jessen   


A Day to Do Good Stuff!

“Giving Tuesday” is November 28, 2017 

Maybe you’ve heard of it?  After the rush of Black Friday and Cyber Monday, millions of people in 98 countries around the world are doing something good. On Giving Tuesday they will donate, volunteer time, help a neighbor or spread the word.  

And for the first time Devon United Church will also be participating in this international movement to make a difference in our world.  So think about it -  

Will you join us for Giving Tuesday this year?  


           Help us provide support in times of crisis.  Your $100 donation  provides fresh food for an unemployed mom and her two kids.

          Help us change lives. Your $250 donation provides counselling and pastoral care when life’s burdens threaten to overwhelm.  

          Help us build a better world.  Your donation $ _________ means hope, your donation means . . .everything!    


To raise $20,000 by November 28th, 2017

Take action now, your support is urgently needed!   

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