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For almost 70 years, people have come through the doors of Devon United Church seeking hope, forgiveness, grace, or just understanding.   

We have rejoiced as babies have been baptized, we have smiled as newlyweds have kissed, we have cried with families and friends who mourn those who have died...   

For almost 70 years!  

We have sewn quilts for the homeless, we have fed and clothed those in need, we have responded to fires, floods and earthquakes.  

We have baked cookies and cakes, we have roasted turkeys, to raise the roof, twice, we have reached out to our community with a thriving Thrift Shop.  

And we have found a place to be listened to and cared for,  a place that is “uniquely united”.   In doing this, we continue to hear, to experience, and to respond to Jesus’ message of love.  Above all else, love.  We truly believe we are making a difference in peoples’ lives.

"Every time I go there I learn something new in Sunday School.  All the people are really nice."  - Isabelle, age 10

"This church brought my faith back." - Shannon

"Friendly people have treated us so wonderfully, they gathered us up, right from day one." - Lois and Louis, members since 1960

"The people here are really kind and nice and willing to  help anyone.  I really like the kids here, this is a good place!"  - Toren, age 12

"We love this church's commitment to community, fellowhship and family."  Shereen and Kevin


“Let All You Do Be Done in Love.” - 1 Corinthians 16:14  

We think this is pretty important.  We hope you agree!

So if it feels right, please make a donation to your church, so that this message, this church, this love, will be here to make a difference in our community and beyond, for the next 70 years.    

We thank you for your support!  

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