Rev. Dirk Jessen
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I love the idea of “Sabbath,” the practice of setting time aside to consciously rest and relax. This practice is rooted in the Bible story of God’s creation of the world.  The story goes that God created everything in six days, but “…God blessed the seventh day and hallowed it, because on it God rested from all the work God had done.” If it’s good enough for God….  


There’s something about our culture that drives people to a breaking point. Non-working down time is seen as at best selfish, perhaps even lazy. Being unavailable electronically is seen as antisocial. However, in a recent interview I heard, a Microsoft executive explain that one day a week he unplugged all of his electronic devices. He called it a “digital Sabbath” and insisted that it had made life much better for him and for his family. If it’s good enough for a Microsoft executive….