Developing Your Spiritual Core - LISTEN, REALLY LISTEN

Some sounds clearly belong to summer: green leaves softly rustling in the wind, the droning buzz of insects, children’s shrieks of delight from a spray park , waves gently lapping on a shore, the mechanical earworm music of the ice cream truck.

One moment these sounds combine in a summer symphony while at other moments one sound, for an instant or longer, floats forward insistently, solo-like, before fading back among the others.

Sometimes these solo sounds force themselves into the foreground. (Try and ignore that one tiny mosquito buzzing around your head!) But with a bit of patience and practice, by really listening, we can choose which sounds we listen to over and above all the others.

Among all the sounds of life, God, I firmly believe, is always there, listening to us and speaking to us. To listen for and speak to God is called prayer. Prayer also takes patience and practice.

What does God sound like? When you hear sounds and words of genuine love and concern for you, for other people, for all of creation, you are hearing God. Summer or not, know that God always hears you. May you also hear God!