The Next 1100 Days

DRAW THE CIRCLE WIDE Our Stewardship and Finance Committee presents: THE NEXT 1100 DAYS - A PLAN FOR ACTION God’s Purpose, God’s Promise Sunday, November 25, 2018  is  a significant one for Devon United Church in a number of ways. On this Reign of Christ Sunday, we look back at the conclusion of another church... Read More


Let's Talk 2

As in most United Churches, at Devon United Church our worship services have a certain pattern and rhythm - an “order of service”. Every service includes Music, Scripture, Reflection, and Prayer.We believe that it is important to come together regularly to remember God as a vital force in our lives. The shape of... Read More

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Let's Talk

Let’s Talk About Worship At Devon United Church, we believe that our worship services are of great importance.  We believe that when we gather together to remember and reconnect with God, we feel our inner lives and spirits renewed and strengthened.  As our spirits are cared for, we find that our minds and our... Read More


General Council 43 REFLECTION # 6

43rd General Council July 21—July 27, 2018, Oshawa ON What happened at General Council 43? Developments in Form and Practice—Rev. Dirk It is now almost a week after the conclusion of General Council 43 in Oshawa, Ontario. The major item of business was the adoption of plans to modernize the organizational... Read More


General Council 43 REFLECTION # 5

General Council 43  A Window into the United Church of Canada As I write this reflection, General Council 43 is in its final hours, even minutes. The gathered Commissioners are working hard to discuss and pass remaining proposals that will help shape the entire United Church of Canada. I have yet to examine and... Read More

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General Council 43 REFLECTION #4

What Will Change? What Will Remain? - Rev Dirk The reason for beginning this series of blogs is to look ahead to substantial changes imminent in the structure of the United Church of Canada, something that hasn’t taken place since the church’s founding in 1925. In all likelihood, the structure of the United Church... Read More


General Council 43 REFLECTION #3

Other Outsiders—Rev. Dirk Last week I wrote about how Tofield United Church provided a welcome and a church home for my immigrant parents. The more I think about that welcome, the more I realize the significance of this act of kindness. As I mentioned, being from Germany not long after World War 2, there was still... Read More


General Council 43 REFLECTION #2

My Outsider Story—Rev. Dirk In 1960, my parents, Hans and Rosel Jessen emigrated from Germany to Canada, Tofield Alberta, to be precise. Once there, they were told by the owners of the ranch where my dad worked that there was a sizeable number of churches in the area where German was the language of worship.... Read More


General Council 43 REFLECTION #1

The United Church of Canada: Radical Welcomeas a Starting Point Later this summer, the United Church of Canada will in all likelihood vote to significantly change its governing structure. I must admit that this impending change has me both excited and a bit worried. Over the next few weeks leading up to the... Read More


Developing Your Spiritual Core - THE BASICS

Love Your Neighbor, Part Two—Who is My Neighbor? Exactly who our “neighbor” is has been discussed for hundreds, even thousands of years by followers of many different religions. For most of us today, a neighbor is a person who lives adjacent to us in a nearby house, apartment, acreage, farm and so on. If we were... Read More