About Us
We are a welcoming, accepting, Christian family, committed to nurturing love, care and service, to individuals, families, community and beyond

As a United Church, we pride ourselves in our policy of welcoming all religions and individuals; we understand that in an evolving world there is much to learn and strive to continuously enrich our culture. There is comfort in knowing that regardless of our history, we are all in God’s world and through our devotion can find solace in unity.

Through difficult times and daily stresses, our efforts to live lives of love, care, and service can be trying. It is important, however, to remember that re-energizing and mental healthcare is important to be able to achieve those goals. As such, we are here as a volunteer organization to provide a place of engagement and safety to make reinvigoration a weekly practice. We are guided to help and live through our motto of “if it is to be, it begins to me”.

Our commitment to service spans any singular individual to encompass an entire community. We welcome all and serve all, throughout the community and throughout the world.

Participating in Jesus' work is the reason for our existence; our building is not only a gathering place to nourish our faith but a vow to Devon to welcome everyone.

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