"We are not alone, we live in God's world."

- quoted from The United Church Statement of Faith

Just as Jesus welcomed everyone, we seek to do the same. 

Jesus offers us all inner peace and a serene heart that reaches all people. 

We hope you will find your spiritual home at Devon United Church, where worship is meaningful and relevant to the broader community. 

We invite you to come and check us out.  You are welcome here. 



Our Mission Statement says it best:

“We are a welcoming, accepting,
Christian family, committed to
nurturing love, care and service,
to individuals, families, community and beyond.”

“We are a welcoming, accepting, Christian family”:

We welcome you. We will work hard to help you feel included. We are Christians. We do not have it all figured out so we keep learning. And as a family, we learn from each other. But as a Christian family, we are not alone. We live in God’s world…

“committed to nurturing love, care and service”:

Many of us have had times when we needed a safe place to rest. So, we do our human best to live “love, care, and service” to you. But our “God-led best” is to nurture “love, care and service” in our Christian family, our community and beyond. As a volunteer organization, this works when we live the motto: “If it is to be, it begins with me”. We are a place to re-energize. We are also a place to engage.

“to individuals, families, community and beyond”:

This includes you, as an individual or a family; certainly as part of the community of Devon and beyond. So it’s about you and it’s also more than you. But you already knew that. That’s what makes Christians intriguing.

Our Vision - Creating a New Presence:

Participating in Jesus' work is the reason that we are a church and the reason we built a church. Our building is a gathering place to nurture our faith. It is a statement to Devon that we are here and everyone is welcome.