Windows of My Soul

Windows of My Soul

The Story of Devon United Church's Stained Glass Windows


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Windows of My Soul - Chapter 7, Part 3 of 3

Constructing the Cross Window My glass arrived and I could begin to cut. The colors were excellent and I was ready. I must say that as eager as I was, I was not prepared for the emotional toll this would have on me.... Read More

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Windows of My Soul - Chapter 7, Part 2 of 3

The Cross The Cross came together fairly easily; I had a clear mental image. Converting the image into a pattern took a bit more patience, not my strong point! In drawing this design, I knew I wanted the Cross, of... Read More

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Windows of My Soul - Chapter 7 in Three Parts

CHAPTER 7 - Part 1 of 3 CHRIST IS CHRISTIANITY I was so proud of our church and everyone in it. The whole congregation had contributed to the stained-glass windows that we could enjoy. The theme of “God’s World”... Read More


Windows of My Soul - Chapter 6

CHAPTER 6INSTALLATION DAY It was time. These windows were finished and they were ready to be installed. I had spent endless hours downstairs painting the frames, polishing the glass and inspecting them. The... Read More


Windows of My Soul - Chapter 5

A Tribute to God's Wondrous World Now we were onto the last window of this group. With the universe, sky, ocean, and land all encompassed, we were pretty much open to suggestion. However, there was still one theme... Read More


Windows of My Soul - Chapter 4

A Bridge and the Return to Faith    Bridges are a curious thing. They can be metallic, cold and efficient. We have all seen lots of those, they get us to where we want to be. We see and cross them without even... Read More

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Windows of My Soul - Chapter 3

Those beautiful Lights!  The Universe per God. I was sure we were going to be sucked up in the sky, straight up and into the Northern Lights! My husband, Rick and I were driving home from Devon late on a winter... Read More


Windows of My Soul - Chapter 2

How Glass and Whales Can Cut Through a God Void. It took 28 trips up and down our spiral stair case to bring all 550 pounds of glass and other supplies downstairs to my glass workshop. Up and down, round and round.... Read More


Windows of My Soul - Chapter 1

CUTTING GLASS AND REPAIRING FAITH The Devon United Church Windows Have you ever thought that life can be like a kaleidoscope, at least for me it can. Everchanging, mystifying, try as you will, you can’t get it... Read More