Developing Your Spiritual Core

Developing Your Spiritual Core



Developing Your Spiritual Core - LISTEN, REALLY LISTEN

Some sounds clearly belong to summer: green leaves softly rustling in the wind, the droning buzz of insects, children’s shrieks of delight from a spray park , waves gently lapping on a shore, the mechanical earworm... Read More


Developing Your Spiritual Core - TAKE A BREAK

I love the idea of “Sabbath,” the practice of setting time aside to consciously rest and relax. This practice is rooted in the Bible story of God’s creation of the world.  The story goes that God created everything... Read More


Developing Your Spiritual Core - STORY

I recently read a quote by American broadcaster Studs Terkel, “People are hungry for stories.” It got me thinking about how as a child I hungered for stories my parents read to me, but especially the stories my... Read More


Developing Your Spiritual Core - ACCEPTANCE

  It is a very basic human need to feel connected to others, to experience their acceptance. This deep need is first met and nurtured in us by our families when we are infants and children. In the best of... Read More


Developing Your Spiritual Core - APPRECIATION

First - Appreciate!   A first way to develop the spiritual part of our lives is to appreciate life. There is incredible intricacy in even the tiniest life form. From plankton to humans there are many different... Read More