Developing Your Spiritual Core - LISTEN, REALLY LISTEN

Some sounds clearly belong to summer: green leaves softly rustling in the wind, the droning buzz of insects, children’s shrieks of delight from a spray park , waves gently lapping on a shore, the mechanical earworm music of the ice cream truck. One moment these sounds combine in a summer symphony while at other... Read More


Understanding Seasons of the Church - Pentecost

Pentecost is considered to be the birthday of the Christian church. After his death and resurrection, Jesus’ disciples, along with pilgrims from all over the known world, had gathered in Jerusalem for a Jewish holiday that takes place 50 days (or ‘pente cost’ in Greek) after Passover. What began as a festival of... Read More


Developing Your Spiritual Core - TAKE A BREAK

I love the idea of “Sabbath,” the practice of setting time aside to consciously rest and relax. This practice is rooted in the Bible story of God’s creation of the world.  The story goes that God created everything in six days, but “…God blessed the seventh day and hallowed it, because on it God rested from all... Read More


Understanding Seasons of the Church - Easter

Easter is the most important Holy Day in the Christian faith. At Easter we remember the story of Jesus’ resurrection. Resurrection was part of an ancient Jewish belief that God will at some point renew, complete and perfect the world, people included, even people who had died. Those who saw Jesus after his death... Read More

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Becoming Canadian

BLESSINGS FOR THE JOURNEY - PART 2 “I was a stranger and you welcomed me.” – Matthew 25:35 This week the blessings continue, as Mary and Jack and Linda and Joanne settle into the Canadian life…     In Canada: We soon settled in with our two daughters on the Adam dairy farm in south Edmonton (now Millwoods) and... Read More

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Becoming Canadian

BLESSINGS FOR THE JOURNEY   It’s hard to believe it’s been 50 years!   This April 21, 2017 marks our 50th year in Canada!  How do you decide to leave the country of your birth but when you can’t see a future where you are, what’s there to loose.  We didn’t have anything to loose (other than family), so when Canada... Read More


Understanding Seasons of the Church - Holy Week

Holy Week begins on the final Sunday of the season of Lent on what is known as “Palm Sunday.” It is such an important week in the church year that we remember stories about the last week of Jesus life in special worship services on what are known as Maundy Thursday and Good Friday. During his last week there were... Read More


Developing Your Spiritual Core - STORY

I recently read a quote by American broadcaster Studs Terkel, “People are hungry for stories.” It got me thinking about how as a child I hungered for stories my parents read to me, but especially the stories my parents told about themselves in their families.   In addition to the stories we hear from important... Read More

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Windows of My Soul - Chapter 7, Part 3 of 3

Constructing the Cross Window My glass arrived and I could begin to cut. The colors were excellent and I was ready. I must say that as eager as I was, I was not prepared for the emotional toll this would have on me. First, I had to tackle the middle window, the essence of The Cross. This was the beginning of... Read More


Understanding Seasons of the Church - Lent

As we journey through Lent, approaching Holy Week and Easter, we are reminded that Lent is a time for taking stock of life, especially taking time to identify what distances us from God, what distances us from each other, and what distances us from our true selves. Lent (meaning "lengthening of days") is the... Read More