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Developing Your Spiritual Core - LENTEN REFLECTION 4

Listen to Reconnect a Relationship The resource for this year’s conversations during Lent, “I Am Listening—Daily Devotions for Lent” edited by Betty Lynn Schwab, continues to inspire and challenge. One of the themes emerging from our discussions is connection. Over the last couple of weeks, I’ve written about how... Read More

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Developing Your Spiritual Core - LENTEN REFLECTION 3

Re-learning to Listen“I Am Listening—Daily Devotions for Lent” by Betty Schwab Each week, as we discuss one another’s reflections, we continue to develop our listening skills. The first week, we had talked about Samuel learning for the first time about how to listen to God. As a young person, this skill is... Read More

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Developing Your Spiritual Core - LENTEN REFLECTION 2

This year, as our Lenten study, we are working with a book “I am Listening—Daily Devotions for Lent”. The first part of this title “I am listening” is a direct quote from the Old Testament Book of Samuel. One night while tending to his duties, Samuel, not yet a teenager, hears a voice calling his name. Believing... Read More

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Developing Your Spiritual Core - LENTEN REFLECTION

In our fast-paced important world, there is little time and place for reflection on life.  Lent, the season of preparation leading up to Easter, is an ancient tradition with reflection at its very heart. Traditionally, Christians have given something up for Lent, as a way of reflecting on its place (good or bad)... Read More


Heal me, O Lord, and I will be healed ...

“Heal me, hands of Jesus,and search out all my pain,restore my hope, remove my fear, and bring me peace again.” (excerpt by Michael Perry, © 1982 Hope Publishing Co, quoted from Voices United #621) Sharon’s Story Finally, an answer – I’d had a stroke. Until then I just didn’t understand what was going on, I... Read More


I am with you, and will watch over you, wherever you go

For almost 70 years, people have come through the doors of Devon United Church seeking hope, forgiveness, grace, or just understanding.    We have rejoiced as babies have been baptized, we have smiled as newlyweds have kissed, we have cried with families and friends who mourn those who have died...    For almost... Read More


I was a stranger and you welcomed me

So you’ve got a good job, your life is great, everything is going along as you planned it, all is good and you may think “Why do I need the church?” But then something happens, and you don’t know where to turn ...   In recent years, many have turned to us at Devon United Church in their hour of need.  Your... Read More


Who do you say that I am?

“Your praise rises in us like a great river. God of all things, Creator,  Provider, pour out your Spirit upon  the whole earth and make it your new creation.  Gather your church together from the ends of the earth, into your realm where peace and justice  are revealed.”            - author unknown   Shannon’s... Read More


Developing Your Spiritual Core - LISTEN, REALLY LISTEN

Some sounds clearly belong to summer: green leaves softly rustling in the wind, the droning buzz of insects, children’s shrieks of delight from a spray park , waves gently lapping on a shore, the mechanical earworm music of the ice cream truck. One moment these sounds combine in a summer symphony while at other... Read More


Understanding Seasons of the Church - Pentecost

Pentecost is considered to be the birthday of the Christian church. After his death and resurrection, Jesus’ disciples, along with pilgrims from all over the known world, had gathered in Jerusalem for a Jewish holiday that takes place 50 days (or ‘pente cost’ in Greek) after Passover. What began as a festival of... Read More